Permanent Hair Removal Laser Device



There’s nothing better than a beauty tool that can do more than one thing, so it makes sense that this multifunctional hair remover by Deess is so popular among Amazon shoppers. Not only does the device have built-in ice compress technology to make the hair removal process more comfortable, but it also comes with three interchangeable UV lamp attachments that each provide a different treatment. The HR lamp removes hair, the SR lamp helps rejuvenate skin, and the AC lamp helps fight acne. “The cool shot is amazing. The auto flash is fast, so it’s quick and easy,” wrote one customer. “I also love the skin rejuvenating light! It’s currently really helping with the hyperpigmentation from old acne spots. The acne light seems to be helping my daughter. I was skeptical at first because I’m a licensed cosmetologist and do medical aesthetics, so I’m very familiar with IPL. I was pleased with the home strength of the product.”

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